At Power Tripp our goal is to produce dogs that are sound in body, mind and spirit. The Border Collie was originally bred solely for its unrivaled ability to move and control livestock, work independently as well as be biddable and willing to take commands from the Shepherd at great distances.  Their work ethic, intelligence and endurance can not be found in any other breed.  In the modern world their purpose and "jobs" have changed as the farming lifestyle is becoming something of the past.  Today the Border Collie is making itself known as a top competitor in multiple areas of performance sports. 

In breeding Border Collies we strive to maintain natural ability on livestock and a calm, sensible temperament that goes into making a good sheepdog.  We do not believe that a dog needs to be "crazy" to be a good performance dog.  An "off switch" is something we find very important in this breed.  All of our dogs live in our home with us, we do not have kennels nor do our dogs spend endless hours crated inside our home. Our puppies are born in our living room and raised underfoot as part of the family. Our dog's health and well being is our number one priority and we ensure this by feeding them an all natural, raw diet and practice a minimal vaccine and chemical free rearing protocol for all of our dogs and puppies.  We are always here for 24/7 support and advice for the lifetime of our pups.  When you adopt one of our puppies you become part of the Power Tripp Family...and we have a very tight knit group of amazing owners that are also always there for encouragement and supprt as well.  

Our offspring have gone on to train and compete in Herding, Flyball, Agility, Disc Dog, Obedience and more. Best of all they make active, loyal, loving, easy to live with companions.  We DO NOT breed for or encourage Border Collies in Conformation (Breed Ring) Showing. We breed only one or two litters a year and have an on going waiting list. We will not breed a litter without the puppies being spoken for prior to a breeding. Please be sure you read all of the information provided about our Breeding Program before contacting us for a puppy.  If you should have any questions, comments or require further information please contact us.

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We highly recommend and encourage everyone to consider adopting a dog or puppy from Border Collie Rescue before contacting any breeders. There are countless numbers of Border Collies in need of forever homes and most through no fault of their own.