Babble x Peyote

To be bred late 2018-early 2019

Imp. Blacksheep Jackie ('Babble') x Power Tripp's Peyote

Athletic, happy, talented and SHAGGY (hopefully!) ...all of these things rolled into one package!  Both Babble and Peyote are proving to be great at whatever they do.  My obsession with shag is long running one.  To find the "perfect combo" of shag, talent, structure and temperament is an ongoing quest.

Babble has been putting out sub 4's in her first few tournaments of racing so I'm fully expecting that to be her 'normal' by the time she gets a full race season under her belt.  She has a ton of style, is very well put together and is by far one of our fastest dogs on the flat. 

Peyote is from our 2015 Frazzle x Bonkers breeding and is showing off his versatility by competing in Agility and also proving his natural ability on stock.  His body is LOVELY with the typical Beardie bounce coming very naturally to him! His temperament is impeccable and his love of kids that was nurtured from birth by our in home puppy raiser, Braeden, is strong even to this day. He also has work ethic is to die for!

These puppies will not be registered.  







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Power Tripp's Peyote


OFA Excellent, CEA/DM/ICM/MDR1/TNS Normal


Power Tripp's Slowly Going Crazy FM, MBM


WBCS 1082, OFA Excellent

Pedigree 7518

Hollowshot High Roller at Power Tripp RPT, FM, DD, BDD, CGC, TDI, CD

AKC DN0914303 OFA Good, Optigen CEA Carrier, CERF clear

Pedigree 62715

Sallen Queen Matilda

OVC Clear, CERF normal

Pedigree 142801

Dixieland Jazz

CERF NORMAL 2010-2012 BAER NORMAL PennHIP 80th percentile OFA Good DNA CEA Normal DNA MDR1 Normal

Ben Watchin Ewe

ABCA 276618

GS Missy

ABCA 158910

Pedigree 142794

Imp. Frazzle FDA


WBCS 811, OFA Good

Smith's Sky

Blue Merle Tri

Merton Fern (R.Smith)

Deerfold Nell

Slate and white

Mac (P. Wood)

Molly (S. Spence)

Untitled 1 11

Imp. Blacksheep Jackie (Babble)


FCI/ISDS/ABCA/AKC registered, OFA Good, BAER Normal, CEA/DM/ICM/MDR1/NCL/SN and TNS Normal

1 jimmy

Jimmy ISDS 303638


D.K. Evans CEA Normal, Hip score 11

Welsh National Champion 2013 International Driving Champion 2013 All Wales Reserve Nursery Champion 2011 European Nursery Champion 2011 Defaidity Champion 2013 Deerplay Hill Champion 2013 World Trial Qualifier Champion 2013

Spot 262341


Tam 227645

  1. Robertson, b/w tri

If 246859


Ms. S. McGarty, b/w

Fly 261975

  1. Tweedle, b/w smooth

Deveron Craig 231582


R.T. Tweedle , smooth b/q

Gael 214636


A.B.Curruthers, smooth b/w

Jay 311140


D.F. Connick B/W Bearded

Tweedhope Shep 275096


R.G.P (Roger) Blake, b/w tri

Tweedhope Hope


Viv Billingham, b/w tri

Dusty 256937


Viv Billingham, smooth b/w tri

Maude 299321


R.G.P. (Roger) Blake, red/white

Rob 239658


R.G.P Blake, b/w bearded

Kate 272685


R.G.P Blake, b/w