Babble x Imp. Jamie

Imp. Jamie x Imp. Blacksheep Jackie (Babble)

I'm over the moon excited about this breeding. This is a line breeding on some very exceptionally talented sheepdogs. I'm fully expecting intense dogs when working but very sweet natures when 'off'. Babble is expected to be in season around the end of October which means we may have Christmas/New Years babies!

Babble is a fun, slightly quirky, intense but a sweet girl. She is one of the faster dogs on our Flyball team and easily the fastest dog in our household on the flat. Babble likes to do well and gives her all in training and competition. She's got a VERY nice body and knows how to use it. She measures about 18.5" and 28lbs.

This is what Imp. Jamie's owner/handler, Mike Davis, has to say about him..."Jamie is intense but kind to his stock and very fast on his feet.  You can send him on a outrun and not say another word to him and he will bring you sheep right to you. Of the stock he is a loving, affectionate dog and he really enjoys playing with our other dog.  About the only thing I would change in him is he can be a  little hard headed at times which is part my fault. He will work whatever I want him to work whenever I ask. He is a medium height and weighs around 35 lbs" 

Babble is OFA Good, BAER Normal, CEA/CL, SN, IGS, TNS, SN and MDR1 normal/clear

Jamie is OFA Good, CEA/CL normal, IGS and TNS

We will be expecting rough coated, black and white and tri colored pups with the possibility of some bearded coats. Puppies will be ABCA registered.

Please contact me for more information. 

Imp. Jamie (ISDS 31483)


OFA Good, Elbows normal, CEA/CL/TNS/IGS normal

Int Sup Ch Joe (ISDS 272330)


HD-A, CEA normal

Cap (ISDS 248938) [Irl]

Meg (ISDS 255715) [Irl]

Meg (ISDS 249302)

Ben (ISDS 243349)

Nan (ISDS 232517)

Tweedhope Trim (ISDS 275099)

Tweedhope Hope (ISDS 245100)

Garry (ISDS 229566)

Tweedhope Jess (ISDS 211679)

Dusty (ISDS 256937)

Whiterose Kep (ISDS 228380)

Kip (ISDS 232483)

Imp. Blacksheep Jackie (Babble)


FCI/ISDS/ABCA/AKC registered, OFA Good, BAER Normal, CEA/DM/ICM/MDR1/NCL/SN and TNS Normal

Jimmy ISDS 303638


D.K. Evans CEA Normal, Hip score 11

Welsh National Champion 2013 International Driving Champion 2013 All Wales Reserve Nursery Champion 2011 European Nursery Champion 2011 Defaidity Champion 2013 Deerplay Hill Champion 2013 World Trial Qualifier Champion 2013

Spot Of Roweburn (ISDS 262341)


Rough Black Tricolour, ( Bobby Dalziel ) CEA DNA Normal and free for CEA/CAT/PRA.

2004 Scottish National Champion Scottish Driving Champion International Driving Champion Qualified for International and World Trial several times

Tam (ISDS 227645)


Smooth Black Tricolour

If (ISDS 246859)


Rough Black & White

Fly 261975

  1. Tweedle, b/w smooth

Deveron Craig 231582


R.T. Tweedle , smooth b/q

Gael 214636


A.B.Curruthers, smooth b/w

Jay 311140


D.F. Connick B/W Bearded

Tweedhope Shep 275096


R.G.P (Roger) Blake, b/w tri

Tweedhope Hope


Viv Billingham, b/w tri

Dusty 256937


Viv Billingham, smooth b/w tri

Maude 299321


R.G.P. (Roger) Blake, red/white

Rob 239658


R.G.P Blake, b/w bearded

Kate 272685


R.G.P Blake, b/w