About Flask...

Imp. Flask

CEA DNA Normal

DOB: July 28, 2018

Flask came over from the UK from Linda Buxton with is sister Fiddle. This boy is a LOVE BUG ...with teeth! He's such a typical boy puppy. He's confident but sweet and already has great dog sense. Linda did a bang up job raising this litter and he's walked into the pack like he was born and raised here. Around the house he's been a breeze and settles so nicely for young dog. His 'fault' is that he's a little bit over zealous in the snuggle department and it often feels like I'm wearing a real live fur shawl.  My HOPE is to get him going on stock down the road and maybe go a different direction than Flyball for a change. I'm also looking forward to him being a possible addition to my future breeding plans for Working Bearded Collies. 

Imp. Flask


DNA CEA Normal

Black and white tri


  1. Buxton Slate and white

Pendwr Tyzer

Ms. Jo Sermon Black and white

Lester WBCS 570


  1. Simpson Brown and white


  1. Simpson Slate and white


  1. Picket

Yip 00/324882 ROM


Slate black/white, CEA Carrier

Woodland's Bob

WBCC 140 black/white

Don Fs 45 Howerd Butler

Pam Fs 8

Woodland's Pip

WBCC 193 Slate Grey/white/bridle legs

Mac Fs 60 Dave Diques



Woodland's Bonnie Fs 11


  1. Buxton Red and White

Dexy's Bruno


  1. Coates


  1. Coates


  1. Coates