About Imp. Maggie

Imp. Maggie FDCH
DOB: August 30, 2003
OFA Good, Optigen DNA Normal

Maggie is
Dru's full littersister.  Maggie is trained for Flyball and raced for a couple of years with Rocket Relay Flyball team.  She was fast and focused and loved the game putting out times of 3.9-4.0's.  She is now spending her time doing some herding training.  Structurally Maggie has a nice frame and wonderful rear end.  Maggie is 19" tall and weighs around 34lbs.



Imp. Maggie FDCH

ISDS 266962 AKC DN06463902 OFA Good, Optigen CEA Normal, CERF clear

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ISDS 236541 A. MacCuish

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