About Tea...

 Proforza Pow (aka Tea)


Introducing Tea! This spunky, sweet, focused girlie came over from Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman in England. Her pedigree is a lovely blend of very well proven and accomplished sheepdogs as well as talented Agility lines. Tea is a curious, confident young girl that walks into a room and owns it. She's a typical BC girl with push and determination. Tea will be trying her paw at Agility, Nose Work/Barn Hunt and some Dock Jumping. 

Tea is being co owned by Lynsey Fuegner. 


Proforza Pow


Darleyfalls Island Style


Smooth Black & White, hips 5/5, elbows 0, CL normal, TNS normal

Tanhill Glen (ISDS 323193)


Smooth Black & White, born 28 Jul 2012

Tim (ISDS 307712)


Smooth Black & White

Rock (ISDS 288415)

Jess (ISDS 290584)

Tanhill Jess (ISDS 313472)


Smooth Black & White

Rick (ISDS 266138) [Irl]

Jess (ISDS 248764)

Darleyfalls Bright Day At Devongem


Smooth Black & White, hips 5/6

Jap Ag Ch Sylvain Of Nagata House Jp [Jap]


Smooth Chocolate & White, hips FCI-A2/B1, elbows 0/0, CEA normal, TNS normal

Partner (AKC DL64687701) [Usa]

Daisy Of A N Friends Jp [Jap]

Darleyfalls I'm The Stig


Medium Black & White, hips 0/0

Brentmoor Skylark

Flynntastic Flo

Maggie Nificent (ISDS 332102)

Jack (ISDS 300344)


Kevin Evans

Int. Supreme Champ Mirk ISDS 272009


CEA DNA Normal, CERF normal, Hip Score : 21

International Supreme Champion 2008 2008 and 2011 World Trial Finalist 2011 World Trial 6th placing in Final 2010 Champion Selattyn Double Fetch Final 2009 International Qualification - 16th 2009 Welsh National 2009 - 12th 2009 Victor Ludorum (South Wales) - 7th= 2008 Welsh National - 4th 2007 Welsh National - 3rd

Jaff (D.J.M.Evans) 231424

Kemi Gypsy (L.Myatt) 262209

Floss (ISDS 290582)

Dec (ISDS 277910)

Tan (ISDS 278072)

Nell (ISDS 309424)

Jim (ISDS 300661)

Beacons Bud (ISDS 282293)

Killiebrae Flax (ISDS 279319)

Nell (ISDS 267899)

Taff (ISDS 235598)

Fly (ISDS 248836)