Introducing Taken...

Power Tripp's Off Limits
AKA: 'Taken', TakeTake, Bacon
DOB: December 15, 2016
Power Tripp's Essential Element x Icepeak's Rays Fly High

This handsome guy made his arrival into the world in an anything but uneventful fashion. After an hour of labor, Link was having trouble getting his big shoulders out even with some help from me.  So off we went to the emergency vet at a snow storm.  It's amazing that I even made it out of my driveway! Once at the clinic with some more help from the vet, Link was able to deliver this handsome boy. 

This whole litter is special to me because they are the third generation of Power Tripp dogs.  Also because they were born nearly one year to the day that I lost my heart dog, Tripp.  I do NOT typically choose a puppy from ANY litter before they are at least 6 weeks old but this boy had my heart from only a few days old.  Needless to say, I've been telling everyone he's 'taken' ever since. 
Taken's personality is so typical of my 'Tripp' lines...confident, outgoing, social and sensible. I'm blessed to have this boy and love his favorite place to be is curled up right in my lap. 

Icepeak Ray's Fly High


OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal, TNS Normal, MDR1 Normal, IGS Normal


Eiri Greme Rey (ISDS 302252)


FCI- A1 Hips, CEA DNA Carrier


Est Fin Ob Ch Amazing Grace Of Shamrock Field


49 cm, 16 kg HD B/B, ED 0/0 CEA/PRA/cat free 23/11/2009, 03/08/2012 CEA (Optigen) free 10/06/2011 MRD-1 genodefect free TNS gene free

Duke (ISDS 262090)


HD-A Hips, CEA DNA Normal

Lotte (ISDS 253434)



Angel Eyes Of Shamrock Field


HD-A, CEA Normal

Pedigree 120529

Power Tripp's Essential Element RPT, ADC, SGDC, AADC, AGDC, MADC, MSDC, MSCDC


CEA DNA Normal by parentage, OFA Hips Excellent/Elbows Normal

Pedigree 116335

ONYX Tnt Southern Blend [Can]

Medium Red & White, born 10 Oct 2006, hips OFA-Good, CEA/CH Normal

Pedigree 116337

ONYX Bo-Tyne Jagger [Can]

Rough Black & White, born 21 Jul 2000, hips OFA-Good

Pedigree 53249

@@Botyne Copper

Red & White, born 23 Jun 1995, CEA normal, ABCA 70142

@Botyne Gidget FDCH-G

Rough Black & White, born 31 Oct 1993, CEA normal, OFA Good

Pedigree 73165

ATChC Silver TNT's Rio AgX AgXJ TM-Bronze FMCh RPT DD

Red/white CEA Normal OFA Good 2012 IFCS Team Member 2009 & 2011 AAC Regional Champion 2011 World Agility Open Team Member 2010 Canadian Steeplechase Champion 2010 IFCS Biathlon Silver Medalist 2010 IFCS Ind. Jumper Bronze Medalist 2009 AAC Canadian Champion 2008 & 2009 FCI World Team Member

Pedigree 7738

Power Tripp Homegrown Stash RPT, CGC, FDCh-S

AKC DN24179401 CBCA B 5000759 OFA Excellent BCO-7449E25F-VPI, CEA DNA Normal, CERF Normal 2010


FDGCh Hollowshot Trippin' On Sunshine RPT, ADD, DDCh, TDI, CGC, NA

AKC DN00487107 CBCA B 5000237 OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal, CERF clear

Pedigree 5475

Hollowshot Phantom Wisp

DL77863701 B/W

Pedigree 5426

CH Hollowshot Fen

AKC DL76580301

Pedigree 7501


ISDS 266961 CBCA 3032 OFA Good CERF Normal AKC DN06463903 ABCA 322717