About Our Working Bearded Collies...

Our Beards are really turning heads in all the venues in which they are competing!  From Herding, Agility, Disc Dog, Flyball and Dock Diving!  These dogs can literally do it ALL! 

I am first going to say that it is not my intention to misrepresent, mislead or imply that all of these dogs are "purebred".  At this point, three of my four Beardies do have Border Collie blood in them.  My long term goal is to continue searching for and hopefully bring in a few more 'full blooded' working bred Bearded Collies to North America.  It is just not an easy feat, plain and simple. 

We breed with the goal of producing dogs with drive, work ethic, natural herding ability and fabulous temperments that allow them to be versatile athletes and performers. Physically they are built to have strong bodies, powerful and agile. They sport a medium length, sensible coat which is easy to maintain. 

 "Working Beardies"??  I have always had a love for the shaggy dogs and I always will.  My desire to be more competitive in canine sports led me down the road to having Border Collies but before I ever owned a Border Collie, I had Bearded Collies. I have always felt that the Bearded Collie is one of the many breeds who has fallen 'victim' to the show ring and kennel club "standards". It seems to me that the modern "show" Beardies are barely recognizable to their working ancestors. I'm not out to slam anyone or judge other people's preferences. Better to say that I'm more interested in owning/breeding a "Beardie" of a different type than what you would see in the show ring, one that closer resembles and works like the 'old style' Bearded Collies of the past. 

But it is not just about the look of the dog. The working ability and purpose for which a dog is bred, is and should be, most important.  My goal in producing these dogs is to produce a versatile animal that can perform any task it is asked to do, do it with enthusiasm, sensibility and the style that a you would expect a herding dog should have. 


Meet Our Working Beardies