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Power Tripp's Straight Shooter 'Arrow' x Imp. Blacksheep Jackie 'Babble'

 I'm really excited to be using a Shayde son on Babble. The pedigree combo is chalked full of both successful sheepdogs and performance dogs and I would hope to see nothing less of puppies from this pairing. Both Babble and Arrow are fabulous Flyball dogs consistently leaving respectable times of sub 4's on the clock. 

Babble is an intense little dog who has an intense devotion to her people. Babble has had two litters to date and those pups are coming into their own and starting to show their talents in various venues of training. At home Babble is a pretty easy dog to live with. She's very affectionate with her people, seems to have a soft spot for kids (men she could take or leave, mostly leave) and she sometimes thinks she's a Malinois when it comes to warding of intruders on our property! Once you've been accepted you may have to peel her off of your lap to exit again. She's got a beautiful little body and knows how to use it. 

Given what Babble has produced thus far and knowing Arrow's pedigree well, I would expect females to be smaller, in the 25-30lb/18" range and males a bit larger around 35lbs/19"-20". No shortage of drives for anything, sporty athletic builds with minds to stay on task is what I'd hope for. 

About Arrow according to his owner Sarah: Arrow is a dream dog in every aspect of life. He has loads of focus and intensity for any type of work or training you ask of him. He took to flyball like the proverbial duck to water and can run in any position in the pack with ease - though start with him is especially thrilling! He is an extremely powerful dog and hits the tug like a freight train; he will happily run for anyone brave enough to hold that tug! When not competing or training, however, Arrow is extremely sweet and loving. He has learned to settle well in the house but is ready at a moment's notice if you want to do anything. I'd consider him an almost bombproof dog. He is a fantastic off-leash hiking partner and has a soft spot for children of all ages. He is confident, bold, and has an amazing work ethic, but also has an affectionate and goofy side to his personality. I always like to say that he's never had a bad day in his life. He has a huge heart and is an honest dog through and through.   

Babble is OFA good, BAER Normal and DNA normal for the full breed panel including EAOD. 

Arrow is OFA Good, Elbows/Shoulders Normal (tested at 6.5 yrs old so this is wonderful considering he has already competed most of his life!). He is a CEA/EOD carrier and DNA normal for the rest of the breed panel. 









Ravensbrook Chrome

CEA DNA Carrier, Medium coat Black & White, born 10 Nov 2010

Zac ISDS 263935

Rough Red & White, born 4 Mar 2003, CEA normal Welsh team member 2009 and 2011 Welsh driving champion 2011 Talgarreg Double Fetch Trial 2010 - 4th Deerplay Final 2007 - 2008 - 2009 and was was 2nd in 2009 Vivod Champion 2008

Ben ISDS 237848

Rough Black & White, born 5 Apr 1998

Meg ISDS 211972

Smooth Black Tricolour, born 24 Jan 1994

Bonny ISDS 291478

Medium Black & White, born 23 Jun 2007

Jaf ISDS 231424

Medium Black & White, born 13 Apr 1997

Fairlea Reiver ISDS 261266

Rough Black Tricolour, born 10 Jun 2002

Rival's Sudden Blackout at Power Tripp FM


CEA DNA Normal through parentage, OFA Excellent, CERF Norm

Rival's Go Diego Go

OFA prelim "Good" Cerf clear DNA Normal by parentage

Rival's Score

AKC DL85216401 CBCA 145370 OFA Excellent Hips BCO- 4265E41F-PI DNA CEA Normal

Rival's Kesh

Black & White, born 10 Feb 2003, hips OFA-Good, CEA normal

Java RPT

ABCA 206869 OFA "Good" DNA CEA "Normal"

Rival's Jute

CBCA 112201 OFA Good Hips BCO- 4261G61F-PI

Imp. Blacksheep Jackie (Babble)


ISDS 333863/ABCA 452525/AKC DN52370601


Jimmy ISDS 303638


D.K. Evans CEA Normal, Hip score 11

Welsh National Champion 2013 International Driving Champion 2013 All Wales Reserve Nursery Champion 2011 European Nursery Champion 2011 Defaidity Champion 2013 Deerplay Hill Champion 2013 World Trial Qualifier Champion 2013

Spot Of Roweburn (ISDS 262341)


Rough Black Tricolour, ( Bobby Dalziel ) CEA DNA Normal and free for CEA/CAT/PRA.

2004 Scottish National Champion Scottish Driving Champion International Driving Champion Qualified for International and World Trial several times

Tam (ISDS 227645)


Smooth Black Tricolour

If (ISDS 246859)


Rough Black & White

Fly 261975

  1. Tweedle, b/w smooth

Deveron Craig 231582


R.T. Tweedle , smooth b/q

Gael 214636


A.B.Curruthers, smooth b/w

Jay 311140


D.F. Connick B/W Bearded

Tweedhope Shep 275096


R.G.P (Roger) Blake, b/w tri

Tweedhope Hope


Viv Billingham, b/w tri

Dusty 256937


Viv Billingham, smooth b/w tri

Maude 299321


R.G.P. (Roger) Blake, red/white

Rob ISDS 239658


R.G.P Blake, b/w bearded

Kate 272685


R.G.P Blake, b/w