About this breeding...

UPDATE: Made had her babies on Tuesday, December 3. All puppies are reserved.

Power Tripp Place Your Bets 'Toss' x Power Tripp Made You Look Sirius 'Made'

Temperament to die for and looks to kill. This is going to be our glamour litter if there ever was one! BOTH Made and Toss are extremely social, friendly dogs yet both LOVE to work. I can't express how versatile puppies from this cross will be. 

Made is a busy girl with a typical Border Collie outlook on life, work hard, play hard! She LOVES kids just like her mama Proof. At Flyball she's intense and really gets into the racing aspect of the game. She's a rather petite girl at 26lbs and 18"...the perfect lap dog at the end of the day! 


Toss (also known as Fabio because of his outstanding coat!) was born in California and as a young dog really had a laid back attitude towards life...once he hit a year old this boy TURNED ON and is powerhouse of a dog now. That said he's a dream to live with once he's had his exercise and training for the day. This dog has never met a stranger and has zero hang ups in life. 

I fully expect this litter to suit anyone looking for a versatile, social and stable Border Collie. Puppies will be AKC reg'd only (not eligible for ABCA). 

The Girls





The Boys







Power Tripp Place Your Bets


AKC- DN45411607 OFA Good, Elbows/shoulders normal CEA/TNS/IGS/SN/DM/MDR1 BAER Normal

Kennelly's Robber from Bonnidune


DN19472701 OFA Excellent, CEA DNA Normal

Imp Cap ISDS 266571

Kelly Whiteman Indiana B/W/T rough DNA Normal for cea/cl & tns BVA 3:7

Dolwen Chips ISDS 194883

Miss J.P. Beale B/W/T rough 94/96 Int Driving Ch

Jill ISDS 245915

  1. Topley R Henderson Scotland

AKC Ch Bonnidune Front Paige News HXAs


OFA Good, CEA Normal, CERF Normal, black and white rough coat

DC WTCh HTCh Kennelley's Bandit (USBCHA Nursery Finalist)


OFA Excellent, CEA Normal, Elbows Normal, CERF Normal

Augustus McCray AKC DN18298001


CEA Normal

Tani Maras Bolee

ABCA 90545

Gold's Emerald

ABCA 166644

Visions Texas Elegance AKC DN16097301


OFA Good, CEA Normal

Power Tripp Made You Look Sirius (AKC)


AKC DN44034903 OFA Excellent, Shoulders and Elbows Normal, CEA/CM/DM/MDR1/TNS/IGS/SN Normal, BAER Normal

ADCh Kikit's Sirius Stun Attack MXJ, AX


OFA Excellent, CEA DNA Normal, TNS Normal, CERF normal

Patriot Db Diz-Izit (AKC DN19092102)

Black & White, born 27 Aug 2007, hips OFA-Good, elbows Normal

MACH4 Topshelf's Rapid Attack OF [Usa]


Rough Black & White, hips OFA-Excellent, CEA normal, CL normal

Patriot's Rq Rocket Rider [Usa]


Rough Black & White, hips OFA-Good

Offspringbabyj (AKC DN23384301) [Usa]


Rough Red & White, hips OFA-Good

Rival's Tri Hard (AKC DL85411705) [Can]


Rough Red & White, hips OFA-Good, elbows Normal, CEA normal

Offsprings AKC the Rabbit (Tantrum)

OFA - Good, Penn Hip .39/.39 (70th percentile), BAER - Normal & CEA/CH - Normal

5H Smokin' Gun FMX


CEA DNA Normal by parentage, OFA Excellent, TNS Carrier, IGS Normal ABCA 369729, AKC DN38477701

Hanson Jake ABCA 363627

OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal, TNS Carrier, B/W rough coated

Hanson Zac ABC 301792

Chris & Terry Hanson BC, Canada

Hanson Teak CBCA 6275

CBCA 6275 Chris Hanson BC, Canada

@Imp Astra Style ISDS 277219/ ABCA 333914

ISDS 277219 & ABCA 333914 Joyce Heibertshausen B/W/T rough coat DNA Normal for CEA Hips OFA Good

Imp Cap ISDS 266571

Kelly Whiteman Indiana B/W/T rough DNA Normal for cea/cl & tns BVA 3:7

Astra Bute ISDS 248719

Rough b/w tri DOB 30/12/1999 Miss JP Beale