About Oscar...

AKA: ol' Man, Black Dog, My Buddy, Chuckie
Breed: All 'Canadian' Mutt

Tribute to my first love....

He wasn't always "The Old Man"...at one time Oscar was a holy terror of a puppy that came into my life at 5 months old from the Hamilton SPCA. He always jumped up on people. Any guy that visited more than once quickly learned to come in the door covering his crotch because Oscar had a knack for placing his two front paws in just the right place. He stole things from the table and pillows from the couch just so he could play keep away. He shredded any and all paper products he could get his mouth on, once that included tearing an entire phone book into a billion tiny pieces. He dug holes in the yard and took off at the park to go visit other dogs. He 'pretended' to be aggressive and showed his teeth when I wagged my finger at him and told him how bad he was;-) but would always wiggle over for pets and give kisses to make up for the naughty things he did and it always worked.

Oscar was with me through more good times and bad than any other dog has been. We moved a total of 9 times in the 15.5 years we were together! He let me cry into his fur many times and gave me more laughs and adventures than I could ever hope to have. They say that when dogs die they become our guardian angels. Well, I think that Oscar was my angel here on Earth instead. He led me into this crazy "dog world" and gave me the chance to make some of the best friends I could ever hope for (both human and canine) and for that I will be FOREVER grateful....I just hope he knew that he will always be the BEST friend of any.

I could go on and on about how many accomplishments he had or titles he earned in so many different venues but none of that matters one bit. What matters are the memories we made together in doing so. Oscar's favorite things changed as he grew older, ranging from Frisbee to Flyball to swimming to laying in the grass and just soaking up the sun or rolling around like a goof in the freshly fallen snow. He LOVED cookies, pizza crust and Timbits and mastered the art of begging for food early on in life. One of his favorite things to do was visit my dad. He would spend all of his time there perched up on a barstool at the bar in the family room with him eating peanuts.

Saying goodbye was bitter sweet as I am always glad that our pets have the option of being put to sleep to end pain...but having to make that call is never pain free. We spent the morning together with our Flyball Family and I said goodbye in the shade of a tree outside in the fresh, cool air that we both enjoyed so much for so many years.

Rest in peace my Old Man, we will walk together again one day and until then please enjoy your time at the Rainbow Bridge and say hello to Maggie, Mojita and Fly for me. I miss you so much already and always will. Love knows no boundries and that includes being worlds apart so even with this distance that is between us now, I will always feel your presence.

Love you always.