About Dru...

Imp. Dru, RPT, BDD, DD, CGC, FMCh
AKA: 'Dru', Druid, ChooChoo
DOB: August 30, 2003 

OFA 'GOOD' and CERF clear
19 1/4" tall, 35lbs


I imported Dru to be the foundation bitch for our kennel.  Dru arrived at Toronto International Airport on November 3rd, 2003 after an eight hour plane ride from Appin, Argyle, Scotland. The next ten days were spent at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair meeting hundreds of people and actually taking part in demos!! Not bad for puppy straight off of a sheepherding farm! This could be why Dru just LOVES performing in front of a crowd. 

Dru has proven to be a great asset to my breeding program and has passed along her wonderful disposition and friendly temperment to all of her pups.  Dru has been an amazing mum right from the beginning.  She is very attentive to her puppies, gives them very firm but loving guidance and teaches them all about toys and how to play like a "good Border Collie should".  Now that Dru is a grand dam she gets to enjoy the pleasure of playing with her grandkids...without the fulltime commitment!

On the outside Dru has a very bubbly, sweet personality but on the inside she is true "working Collie". Her natural talent and style on sheep is always amazing for me to watch. Unfortunately we do not have regular access to sheep and I'm not willing to part with her so she can be trained by someone else so we stick to performance sports.  In Disc Dog Dru is known for some amazing big air catches!  At Flyball Dru runs consistant times of 4.2 seconds and will run for anyone with a tug toy.  Her and Peter have also been training in Agility. 

Dru stands approximately 19 inches tall on a light frame and weighs 33 pounds. She is a devoted worker offering 110% in whatever I ask of her. Dru settles quickly and quietly in the house and is a joy to live with.  She is very biddable and wants to do things right.  
Dru is now retired from breeding and is enjoying sitting back and watching her kids and grandkids grow up!

Dru had three litters and they are:

Dru x REM- Born October 30, 2005
Dru x Tripp- Born August 4, 2006
Dru x Risk- November 12, 2008




ISDS 266961 CBCA 3032 OFA Good CERF Normal AKC DN06463903 ABCA 322717

Mirk ISDS 236541 A. MacCuish

ISDS 236541 A. MacCuish

Glen (ROM) ISDS 212551 A. MacCuish

Tanya ISDS 209705 I. Monroe

Astra Bet ISDS 224920 J.P. Beale

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Jan ISDS 145034 N. Rattray

ISDS 145034 N. Rattray

Jaz ISDS 199614 Sandra MacCorquodale

Gyp ISDS 190551 A. Haddow