About Classic

Imp. Bluemoon Classy

AKA: 'Classic', Sassy Classy, Classy Lassie

DOB: June 27, 2019

Classic hails from Australia but is a combination of ISDS and ABCA lines. Many thanks to her breeder, Deb Kelly, for sending this wee lady all the way over to the US! Classic hopped out of her crate after 14+ hours of travel like she was ready to take over the world. She's confident, social and drop dead gorgeous. I've been blessed with a lot of amanzing dogs in my life so far but sometimes, someone just stands out and screams I'M SPECIAL...and that's how I feel about Classic. I am REALLY looking forward to the future with this girl. 

Int. Sup Ch Joe ISDS 272330


HD-A, CEA normal

Cap (ISDS 248938) [Irl]

Meg (ISDS 255715) [Irl]

Meg (ISDS 249302)

Ben (ISDS 243349)

Nan (ISDS 232517)

Crisp (N14234) Swe


Tiko (N 42396/91)

Cindy (N 5641/91) Nor

Bwlch Hemp ISDS 201604


Rough B/W, T Mrs. C.S. Rundle

Dolwen Fan ISDS 201083


Rough B/W, Tri Mrs. C. Rundle

Bluemoon Gael

Bond ABCA 361442


Alvaglen Tuffy AWBC 0446


Smooth B/W

Helena Sailor AWBC 0158

Walladin Bobbie AWBC 0446

Lindsay's Nutty AWBC 0443

Blackbrook Bonnie Lass AWBC 0302

Biralee Sonny AWBC 0411

Taddymoor Bob ISDS 283119

Prince's Julie AWBC 0821

Woolly's Jan 2nd AWBC 0337

Woolly's Ted AWBC 0035

Woolly's Magneta AWBC 0033