About this litter...

PWRTRIPP Grit x Imp. Nan 

Grit and Nan welcomed 9 perfect puppies into the world thru first morning hours of March 12, 2022. Seven boys and two girls will soon be making their way to new owners and big adventures!

This litter is fully reserved at this time. 

I've gone back and forth about whether to use Grit with Nan or try to find an outside male to compliment her just as well ...AND I just love Grit and his pups so much that I welcome the chance to breed him to her. Her puppies from the litter she had after arriving in the US are bold, confident, drivey and have already proven to be very eager workers when training. I'd expect nothing less from Grit x Nan combo. 

Structurally both Nan and Grit are put together well. Grit could use a bit more depth of chest especially for a male which I think Nan possesses and will hopefully add to their pups. Size wise both are similar and weigh around 35lbs and measure approximately 19.5-20" tall. I do anticipate these to be 'higher drive' pups that will do best in the hands of experienced owners with the desire to give both mind and body a job. That being said, both dogs are exceptionally social and friendly with all people and other animals so being part of a family and/or multi dog home should not be any concern once all other needs are met. Nan has a lovely off switch and makes a great house dog. Grit is a bit on the busier side but also loves his snuggle time on the couch at the end of the day. Nan's sire Seth is also the sire to Int Sup Ch Glencregg Silver (ISDS 327528). The desire and instinct to work stock should not be an issue with this combo. 





ABCA 441205/AKC DN51677601 OFA Excellent, Shoulders normal CEA/DM/CM/IGS/MDR1 normal TNS carrier

Llanfarian Fleet (ISDS 376412)


OFA Good, CEA DNA Carrier, TNS Normal, IGS/SN Carrier

Jim (ISDS 277807) [Irl]


HD-A, CEA DNA Normal

5H Smokin' Gun FMX


CEA DNA Normal by parentage, OFA Excellent, TNS Carrier, IGS Normal ABCA 369729, AKC DN38477701

Hanson Jake ABCA 363627

OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal, TNS Carrier, B/W rough coated

Hanson Zac ABC 301792

Chris & Terry Hanson BC, Canada

Hanson Teak CBCA 6275

CBCA 6275 Chris Hanson BC, Canada

@Imp Astra Style ISDS 277219/ ABCA 333914

ISDS 277219 & ABCA 333914 Joyce Heibertshausen B/W/T rough coat DNA Normal for CEA Hips OFA Good

Imp Cap ISDS 266571

Kelly Whiteman Indiana B/W/T rough DNA Normal for cea/cl & tns BVA 3:7

Astra Bute ISDS 248719

Rough b/w tri DOB 30/12/1999 Miss JP Beale

Imp. Nan ISDS 00/350736


DNA Normal on full Optimal Selection panel

Seth ISDS 00/309926


James McGee Smooth, B/W 2015 Int.Nat. 14

Staff ISDS 267697

  1. Richardson Smooth B/W

Spot ISDS 249733

S.C. Wayman

Fairlea Hattie

Mrs. Y.C.(Yvonne) Abrey

Rainow Scooby ISDS 00/295255


J.C.I. Longton Smooth B/W, Tri

## Roy ISDS 266416

  1. Owen 2010 W. Nat 4 2009 W. Nat 3 2008 World Ch 1, W. Nat 5

Rainow Gail 250507

C.(Colin) Pickford

Glan y Goors Meg ISDS

G.W. Jones Smooth BW, T

Mozz ISDS 00/295386


J.F. Maggin 2016 Nat 4 2014 I.Team 1, Dr 4 2013 I.d2Na4 2011 IntSu 5, I.Nat 7

Cap 283981

Mrs. M.R.Riley

Cindy ISDS 253288

Polly ISDS

I.J. Carroll Smooth B/W, Tri

Jan ISDS 00/292671

J.J. Vesey