About Risk...

September 20/04- December 13/16

Hollowshot High Roller at Power Tripp RPT, FM, DD, BDD, CGC, TDI, CD

AKA: 'Risk', Frisky Risky
DOB: September 20, 2004 

OFA: GOOD, CEA DNA Carrier, CERF clear
19 1/4" tall, 36lbs

Risk has intense focus, drive, and an overall stable temperament. He is an outgoing, friendly boy but also a very loyal dog who's desire to work with me is a pleasure to have.  Risk is a very flashy Disc Dog showing his athletic side by doing body vaults, flips and big air catches with ease. Risk puts out consistent 4.1's in Flyball but has run sub four on a few occasions.  Risk also competes in Obedience and easily earned his CD title with scores of 198/200, 194/200 and 192/200! Agility is his first love and although I do not get the chance to trial much he is definetly my favorite dog to train and compete with in this area.  He is a nice jumper who shows good control and collection, good speed and is easy to handle.

Always willing to perform he makes a great demo dog for my obedience and trick training classes. Risk is a special boy and his personality, good looks and temperament all speak for themselves.  Risk has a very comical, creative side and he loves being in the spotlight. As soon as he sees the camera come out he starts looking for something to perch or pose on..all the shots of him "driving", sitting on logs and leaning up against things where all his own idea.  Needless to say, trick training is a breeze with him and some of the behaviors he comes up with are hilarious. Risk enjoys putting his trick training to good use when he visits nursing homes and hospitals as a certified therapy dog.

Risk's structure is wonderful. He has great length of neck, excellent front and rear angulation and is a very balanced dog overall.  He measures in at 19.5" tall and weighs 36lbs.  His offspring are proving to be just as versatile and are competing in Herding, Agility, Rally-O, Flyball and Disc Dog with huge success.  

We said goodbye to Risk very suddenly.  He was fine in the morning, had his breakfast and went for run with everyone and then by the afternoon he looked a bit 'off'.  I took him to the vet just as a precaution and never got to bring him home.  An ultrasound showed a large tumor on his spleen that was bleeding into his belly.  Risk one of those 'go to' dogs that was up for anything.  His presence around the house will be greatly missed as he was a major foundation for us. 

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Risk doing some disc stuff...