About Our Border Collies

My philosophy on this amazing breed is that they should be sensible, loyal companions that are happy both resting quietly by your side as well as being actively involved in whatever you ask of them.  The idea that a Border Collie needs to be kept busy every minute of the day and requires miles of running on a daily basis is highly exaggerated.  Although a Border Collie does require regular exercise to stay fit, as well as mental stimulation and challenges to occupy their very intelligent brain, they should also be able to turn off with a simple "that'll do".  The stereotypical Border Collie that never stops dropping a ball at your feet, chases shadows or paces around endlessly in circles is NOT a desired temperament!

As the years have gone by my own interests have changed and evolved along with my lifestyle. I'm now in a position where I can keep sheep on my property for the purpose of training my own dogs. It's given the chance to challenge myself and my dogs more in the sense that I can being to have a better, deeper understanding of what goes into the making of a true working dog as opposed to a dog that has a pedigree that goes back to dogs who worked. Ultimately, my personal goal at this time for my own personal dogs and myself is to end up on the USBCHA trial field. Yet, given my extensive background in the dog sport world and the fact that most of my puppies go to sport homes, I still keep a keen eye on the many qualities that carry over to those venues as well. 

All of my dogs train and/or have trained and competed, in multiple activities including Herding, Flyball, Disc Dog, Obedience or Agility and have been part of canine demonstration performance teams in Canada and the US.  Several of them are/have been certified therapy dogs and a many have been featured in commercials, magazines, fashion shows, and print ads. I feel it speaks loudly for there soundness and stability to perform consistently and confidently under such a variety of circumstances.  But at the end of the day they can all be found relaxing on the couch with us. We breed dogs that have a natural "off switch" when properly exercised and trained and we are just as proud about how great they are at being companions as we are about all of their other accomplishments. 

One thing we feel very strongly about is that our breeding dogs, especially the females, are not "breeding machines".  We breed our girls minimally and only with their health and well being put first.  Our goal is to produce better than the parents of each litter and continue breeding from that offspring.  We support breed rescue and often recommend that potential owners check into this option before contacting any breeder.  Having said that, purchasing a dog from a RESPONSIBLE breeder can be a most rewarding experience.  

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Some of the dogs below are co owned and live with friends of ours but are still part of our breeding program.  Our boys are available at stud to approved bitches.  

Current Males...




Imp. Church (co owned with Brittany Holland)

Current and Upcoming Females...

Bluemoon Classy


Meredun's Kettle (co owned with Katie Stoppenbrink)