About Nan...

Imp. Nan

DOB: January 28, 2016

Nan's hip score from Europe is 0:0 and elbows are normal. I had her spine and shoulders done here in the US and those are normal via OFA. 

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Nan came over from Italy recently (December 2020) from a friend, Gianni Canopoli of Blacksheep Border Collies. Nan flew into Toronto, Ontario but due to Covid I was unable to cross the border to collect her so my good buddy Laura did the dirty work and Nan stayed with her for a few days before making her way to me via another friend who happens to be a trucker that crosses the border regularly. Despite her journey taking nearly 10 days from start to finish from Gianni to me, Nan has proven herself to be an outstanding girl. Her demeanor is so very kind and sweet. She is very sure of herself in the pack but also has no desire for causing conflict and just goes with the flow. She has found her 'sheep' in the pack and is attached to Grit most of the time when outside in the yard. Despite a valiant effort to get her keen on some of the sporty things we do here she's made it clear that's just not her gig. We will continue to go to work on sheep skills but I would also like to enroll her in a Therapy Dog program as her true happiness comes from being near people.

The litter of pups she whelped after arriving were SUPER confident, pushy puppies. They were a bit much when it came to food and actually needed to be separated into small pairs for mealtimes but the food drive has proven to be fantastic when it comes to training now. Toy drives were really good as well and several are natural retrievers with very little effort to 'train' it. These pups are also like fish when it comes to water and at least half of them have been jumping off a dock all summer in preparation for Dock Dog competitions someday.


Nan on sheep

Nan ISDS 350736


Hips 0:0, Elbows Normal DNA Normal CEA/PRA/IGS/SN/TNS

Seth ISDS 00/309926


James McGee Smooth, B/W 2015 Int.Nat. 14

Staff ISDS 267697

  1. Richardson Smooth B/W

Spot ISDS 249733

S.C. Wayman

Fairlea Hattie

Mrs. Y.C.(Yvonne) Abrey

Rainow Scooby ISDS 00/295255


J.C.I. Longton Smooth B/W, Tri

## Roy ISDS 266416

  1. Owen 2010 W. Nat 4 2009 W. Nat 3 2008 World Ch 1, W. Nat 5

## Bob ISDS 224454

Aled Owen

Rainow Gail 250507

C.(Colin) Pickford

Glan y Goors Meg ISDS

G.W. Jones Smooth BW, T

Mozz ISDS 00/295386


J.F. Maggin 2016 Nat 4 2014 I.Team 1, Dr 4 2013 I.d2Na4 2011 IntSu 5, I.Nat 7

Cap 283981

Mrs. M.R.Riley

Cindy ISDS 253288

Polly ISDS

I.J. Carroll Smooth B/W, Tri

Jan ISDS 00/292671

J.J. Vesey