About Shayde

Rival's Sudden Blackout at Power Tripp FM
AKA: 'Shayde', Slim Shady
DOB: January 6, 2010
CEA DNA Normal, OFA Excellent, TNS/IGS Normal
17 3/4" tall, 24lbs
Rival's Sudden Blackout at Power Tripp
January 2, 2010- May 1, 2021
Sad news from home while on the road today that Peter lost his girl, Shayde. Peter and Shayde ran Flyball together for many years. She also ran for many other people over the years and was a quick, reliable racer who rarely had a bobble or made a mistake. Shayde raised three litters of fantastic kids and only a few days ago became a grand dam to pups sired by her boy, Arrow. Her "other home" was with Sarah Hardison and Arrow down in Maine where I know she loved to visit. She was well known for her toothy "grin" and although she looked tough, she was a really easy going, easy to live with girl her whole life. In true Border Collie style she lived her life to the fullest and never called in sick. Many thanks to Margaret Lambkin for sending Bank (her puppy name) home with us over 11 years ago. Shayde will be missed for a long time to come. Give your pups an extra hug cause we never when it will be the last. RIP Shayde and say hi to all the other Russell dogs that are waiting for you at the bridge.

 Shayde is a very confident, outgoing girl that at a very young age showed loads of drive and focus. This little girl has everything going for her and we are so happy to have her as part of our pack.  In the Flyball lanes she is all business, runs a consistant 4.1 rarely makes a mistake. Shayde has near perfect structure, moves like a dream and is very fast on her feet. Around the house Shayde is quiet but she is also very quick to be up and getting involved in any action that is going on.  She is definetly Peter's dog and is usually found napping on his lap during her down time.


Rival's Sudden Blackout at Power Tripp FM


CEA DNA Normal through parentage, OFA Excellent, CERF Norm

Rival's Go Diego Go

OFA prelim "Good" Cerf clear DNA Normal by parentage

Imp. Ned

ABCA 191295

Widdalside Dave (ISDS 209530)

Jess (ISDS 225846)

CH Silvertip's Mountain Rose HTD Is, HRD Is, CGC, TDI

OFA Excellent, CERF Clear, BAER Normal

Sagebrush Wally (ABC 29839) [Usa]

Moel Lynda (ISDS 201136)

Rival's Score

AKC DL85216401 CBCA 145370 OFA Excellent Hips BCO- 4265E41F-PI DNA CEA Normal

# Nap

ABC 54736 ISDS 188631 CBCA 3187


ABCA 1778


ABC 11536

Bell's Jade FBCH, Can CD

AIBC 105743 Owner: Margaret Lambkin Black/white

Imp. Jake

ISDA 173604

Imp. Katy

ISDS 166519

Rival's Kesh

Black & White, born 10 Feb 2003, hips OFA-Good, CEA normal

Java RPT

ABCA 206869 OFA "Good" DNA CEA "Normal"


Michael Bourke

Roy (ABC 26411) [Usa]

Tess (ABC 30485) [Usa]


By Jeanne Weaver

Ben (ISDS 198873)

Black Tricolour, born 22 Nov 1991

Trim (ABC 24984)

Black & White, born 25 Jan 1989, hips OFA-Excellent

Rival's Jute

CBCA 112201 OFA Good Hips BCO- 4261G61F-PI

OTCH Boscoe FBCH, Am. CD, Bda. CDX

ABC 9543 Owner: Margaret Lambkin Black/white

Imp Scot

ABC 7522


AIBC 63177

Bell's Jade FBCH, Can CD

AIBC 105743 Owner: Margaret Lambkin Black/white

Imp. Jake

ISDA 173604

Imp. Katy

ISDS 166519