Introducing Jessie...

Jessie was the second puppy born and came out without any trouble (once her bigger sister Wysh got out of the way that is)!  She weighed in at 11oz at birth, the smallest of all four girls...small, but like her momma, very mighty! This little girl is oozing with personality and sass!

Jessie is now in VT with Jennifer and Marc Hammond. She will be joining her cousin Nisa (Brynn x Tripp) in training for Herding and Agility. 
Update - "
What can I say, this dog is so amazing.  She is a natural athlete, a comedian, a cuddle bug, a silly creature, a troll, and a vampire all rolled into one.  She is a doer, she wants to work and try until she gets it right.  It is an amazing thing to watch as she varies things just slightly to see if the outcome will be correct.  She LOVES agility and is really into sheep now.  I can’t wait to get her on sheep more often.  She worships Nisa and loves that we got Mac “for her”.  She doesn’t realize that she is a 23 lb dog, she thinks she can take on the world.  As Kim says “Small but Mighty” just like her mom."
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