About Kai...

Power Tripp's Firebolt, CGC, FD, HSAs, HSBs, HIBs, HIAs, HXAs, HXBs
AKA: Kai
DOB: November 12, 2008
PennHIP 100th percentile (.27/.27), OFA Excellent, Optigen CEA DNA Carrier

Kai is owned and loved by Sarah Arpin.

Kai is an amazing athlete with endless drive and focus, but he also has a softer mellow side when he is not working.  He is incredibly sweet and is very easy to live with.  Most people that meet Kai quickly fall in love with him as he is quite the charmer.  Kai participates in agility, herding, and flyball.  He has not competed much in flyball yet, but put out low 4’s during his first tournament.  I expect his times to drop even more once we are able to practice and compete more frequently.  Kai won first place in Started A and won Reserve High in Trial in his first ever herding trial.  His agility training is progressing nicely, and hopefully we will begin competing this summer.

UPDATE 11/4/12: Kai recently came home with 3 first place ribbons and one 2nd place ribbon after his first time trialing at the intermediate level in herding.  He gave 100% all weekend, and did everything that was asked of him.

Kai is 20¼ inches tall and weighs 40lbs. 

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Power Tripp's Firebolt CGC, FD, HSAs, HIBs


PennHIP 100th percentile (.27/.27), OFA Excellent, Optigen CEA DNA Carrier

Hollowshot High Roller at Power Tripp RPT, FM, DD, BDD, CGC, TDI, CD

AKC DN0914303 OFA Good, Optigen CEA Carrier, CERF clear

CH Lochinbrae Soul Reaction

AKC DL84713202 AKC DNA #V196411 Blue/White

CH Yarrancoly Tempt My Soul

DL80676301 (AUS)

CH Stavros Miss U Nique

AKC DL88406401 OFA Excellent Hips BCO- 4246E53F-PI CERF Normal BCO-2557 (Tested 2003)

CH Hollowshot Miss Print

AKC DL76580301 OFA Good Hips BCO- 5158G24F-PI

Hollowshot Phantom Wisp

DL77863701 B/W

CH Hollowshot Fen

AKC DL76580301

Hollowshot Pip

ABCA 29753


ISDS 266961 CBCA 3032 OFA Good CERF Normal AKC DN06463903 ABCA 322717

Mirk ISDS 236541 A. MacCuish

ISDS 236541 A. MacCuish

Glen (ROM) ISDS 212551 A. MacCuish

Tanya ISDS 209705 I. Monroe

Astra Bet ISDS 224920 J.P. Beale

Jim ISDS 207736 J.P. Beale

Gwen ISDS 194978 J.P. Beale

Hope ISDS 158875 J. Mackillop

Jan ISDS 145034 N. Rattray

ISDS 145034 N. Rattray

Jaz ISDS 199614 Sandra MacCorquodale

Gyp ISDS 190551 A. Haddow