About Lint...

PWRTRIPP Lint (aka Lint Roller, Linters, Linty)

DOB: January 5, 2021

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Lint is a daughter of Imp. Nan sired by Digg/Mini who resides with Gianni Canopoli in Italy.  Lint was one of those puppies that really made herself front and center to me from early on. She was always wanting snuggles and to followed me around even when really small! She was clingy like Lint!  Lint is super sweet but also very spicy and has taken everything that's been thrown at her in stride. There isn't a single thing Lint hasn't LOVED to try from nosework, to tricks, to dock/swimming and especially sheep work. I absolutely LOVED to work her on sheep and I know Jen will have a blast as well! The future is bright for this girl! 

Lint will be continuing her sheep journey while living with my dear friends Jen and Marc Hammond.