About Mac...

Power Tripp's McGregor Rilbe NAJ
AKA: 'Mac'

Mac has just started his Agility career and is doing well.  He is a social butterfly tho and sometimes gets distracted, quickly goes to visit a judge or ring crew member and then rushes back to finish the course.  Outside of the ring Mac is a sweet, lovable guy. 

Update - "Mac has adjusted so well since coming to live with us.  He loves and looks up to his younger half-sister Jes and he tries so hard to follow Nisa’s rules.  He is the first male we have had and boy are they different.  He is a blast to run in agility, you just point him and he goes.  All he wants to be is a “Good Boy” but he does have a naughty side like his sister.  If you are missing a glove it is likely because he snuck off with it.  He has a million nicknames already – Big Mac, Mac Attack, Mac-a-do, Mac-a-roni, Mac-a-roo (you get the drift) but then during his special times when he likes to chase his shadow and lights on the wall he is GEORGE (or Jorge).  He has been a very nice addition to our family and we look forward to seeing who he becomes. "

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