About Minx...

Power Tripp's Paint it Black HIC
Nicknames: Boo, Minxie

Likes: No such thing as merely "likes" with Minx, she LOVES all people and playing with all people, all the time! Loves tugging, loves learning tricks, loves her walkies and loves cuddling. She is very social and already we can tell she loves to be the centre of attention and adores a crowd.

Dislikes: Sleeping

Minx is just a baby so we are still learning all about her, but so far she is a very confident and bold little puppy who loves everything and is one of the smartest pups we have ever worked with. She will be participating in canine freestyle, flyball and disc when she is older.
Minx is a tiny little thing like Stash, but also like her mother, size does not hinder her!  

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