About Our Natural Rearing Methods...

Our dogs are mainly fed an all natural, RAW species appropriate diet.  We believe that minimal vaccines, titer testing and building their immune systems in natural, chemical free ways whenever possible is the best support for our dogs/puppies long term health. 

The following is my opinion but I have also spoke to countless others that have had the similar experiences.

One thing that I have come to learn with breeding and training dogs is that what you put into a dog impacts EVERYTHING about them as a whole. This includes how they feel, behave, how their coat looks and feels, their endurance, their ability to deal with stress and their trainability.  After years of feeding our own dogs nothing but kibble and following the annual vaccine protocol, we were frequently seeing things like reoccurring ear infections (the dogs always had that brownish red 'crud' in their ears), bad breath, yellowish teeth, itching and scratching for no apparent reason, not to mention large and very smelly stools. I see the te same thing, time and time again, of dogs that board with me.  

Having fed raw in the past, before I gave in to the convenience of kibble, I KNEW that most of these things could be resolved with a simple diet change and removal of the vaccinations and chemicals. I'm the kind of person that goes with what feels right to me and this couldn't feel any better.  In a world that thrives on convenience and fast food for people, which as you know, isn't doing us any good, I knew that feeding "pellets" to my dogs day in and day out wasn't doing them any good either. Now our dogs truly enjoy their meals, and I enjoy watching them eat what they were meant to eat!  It is extremely satisfying and rewarding to know that our dogs are getting the BEST food I can possibly provide for them...natural, healthy, whole and unprocessed!

The benefits of this lifestyle show immediately in the puppies we breed and raise.  From the very start pups are more content, have a better physical appearance and "glow", are more agile and mobile at a younger ages, they are free from intestinal parasites and seem to learn at a much faster rate.  Feeding raw also regulates their growth and lessens the chance of bone and joint problems in the future.

Information about Raw Feeding

There is little doubt that dogs have evolved from wolves. Although as humans we have made many changes to the modern dog's outward appearances, their insides are still exactly the same. And so are their dietary needs! This form of raw feeding is called the "prey model diet". This consists of about 5-10% offal (liver, heart, kidneys), 10-15% raw meaty bones and 80-85% muscle meat. We also add whole fresh eggs with the shells, fresh GREEN tripe and the odd can of salmon, mackeral or sardines to the dogs meals. We also give supplements such as Omega's 3, 6 and 9, Coconut Oil and a Kelp/Alfalfa blend on a rotation basis. Below are some links to various websites that go into much more detail about how you can change your dogs diet, and lifestyle, for the better!! Keep in mind that as I mentioned above, there are many different ways to feed a natural, raw diet. Try different things and stick with what works best for your own dogs.  The key is variety, so find various meat sources and rotate weekly whenever possible.  Become friends with hunters, butchers and farmers in your area!

Here is a typcial meal for our dogs.  Seen here is some cubed beef (muscle meat), chicken necks (raw, meaty bone), pumpkin (good fiber for digestion), yogurt (probiotics), whole eggs and their supplements. 

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