About Quincy...

Power Tripp's Quintessential Quinn 
Nicknames: Quinn, Quinny, Quinn-Ding, “Baby”, Little Stinker, and Digger

RIP Quincy...

Quincy lost his battle to an aggressive intestinal cancer at only 4 years old.  After every test under the sun came back as normal the vet finally chalked up Quincys digestive upsets to depression (probably from losing his older BC companion).  Only a short week after that diagnosis, Quincy underwent emergency surgery where they found a mass in his intestines.  Quincy will be forever missed and loved by the Fitzgerald family as well as his Power Tripp Family.  Rest in Peace sweet boy and run pain free with you big brother Jake at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Please click here to read Quincy's Memorial written so well by his family. 

Quincy is an amazing addition to our family! Having had border collies all our lives, we knew exactly what we wanted when adopting a second family pet. Powertripp provided us with it all. Quincy is loveable, energetic, and full of personality, not to mention, extremely handsome like his Daddy, Risk!

He LOVES going to the cottage, going for boat & car rides with Dad, long walks on the beach with Sarah, running in the park with his older brother Jake (also a border collie), playing driveway hockey with Jamie, digging in the back yard, sleeping on his back, cuddling & giving kisses, and being the center of attention. He also TALKS constantly! He tries to carry out a conversation with us!

His dislikes include being groomed!! We think, in his eyes, it’s simply a waste of time when he could otherwise be using that time to play or dig. Mom calls him the “junkyard dog” when it’s time for a grooming!! He’s also not fond of fire works He doesn’t freak out or bark but quietly goes to his bed and snuggles in for the duration.

There is never a dull moment with Quincy. He provides us with so much love and entertainment. We couldn’t imagine life without him. Thanks Kim!!

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