About Silk....

Power Tripp's Smooth As Silk
AKA: 'Silk', Silkers
DOB: September 7, 2011
OFA Excellent, CEA DNA Normal

Silk is a spunky, bold girl from the first Stash x Cagen breeding. She embodies all that we strive to produce. She has such as a loving, friendly disposition, a beautiful build and an extremely intelligent mind. We have high hopes for this girl and look forward to having her join our breeding program in the future.  

Here is what Judy recently had to say about Silk...

I call her my lil’ Pistol! Silk is first in everything she does - first to the door - first to the toy - first for cuddles - and she always wins, always.  She is fiercely loyal - my shadow - either at my feet or quietly curled up next to me.  Dilkers, Silkers or Silky Milky Mustache is incredibly connected at all times, especially on the agility course.  Silk has incredible superior athletic ability.  She does everything super fast, is light on her feet (bars rarely come down) and has the ability to fold herself in half to wrap jumps and switch leads mid-air.  She can turn on a dime in a split second at lightening speed. Her raw talent is a dream and she is bold in the sense that nothing will stop her, she handles mistakes well.  She just keeps going until she gets it right! She gives me credibility on course! 

Her eagerness to please coupled with her incredible work ethic and deep connection made training her an absolute dream.  She has learned that she has to say still for photographs and does not move one single solitary muscle until released! In a group stay, if all the dogs broke - Silk would still be sitting there doing as she was told and following the rules! I would like ten more just like her please Kim!"

Silk is co owned and loved by our good friends Judy and Dave Curran and will be enjoying Agility and Disc Dog training.  Stay tuned for lots of pics!

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Photos of Silk...

4 Weeks Old

One Week Old

Newborn Photos