About Surfer...

Power Tripp's Surfer Boi CGC

Surfer is owned and loved by the Riale family.

Surfer has been very successful in his Obedience training and makes an incredible family companion. 
Surfer's story: At 6 weeks old we started noticing some head bobbing in Surfer. Worried that it was some sort of poisoning or seizures we took him to the vet immediately. Our regular vet found nothing "wrong" with him and so I went home and started doing some research myself. After looking up a few different disorders that presented with head bobbing I came across something called Cerebellar Abiotrophy. I showed the info to my regular vet and she refered me to a neurologist. When the neurologist saw Surfer he confirmed (clinically at least) that that is what he was affected by. The only sure way to medically diagnosis this disorder is by performing a brain biopsy once the pup is put to sleep. We were not willing to euthanize an otherwise happy, healthy puppy just for the sake of curiosity. The saddest part about this disorder is the lack of research on it. It is suspected that many breeders euthanize a puppy like Surfer in order to "hide" any proof of problems in their dogs. I chose to go public with this and after a few months of keeping Surfer with us and feeling confident that he wasn't getting any worse we allowed someone to adopt him. He is doing wonderful and although he is a bit on the clumbsy side he is just like any other healthy, active BC.

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